Q: What is the Texas Student Housing Authority?

A: The Texas Student Housing Authority is a not-for-profit; state chartered corporation established by the Town of Westlake in 1995 to purchase and manage student housing facilities located near the campuses of major colleges and universities. The mission of TSHA is to provide scholarships for housing to graduates of Texas High Schools and Community Colleges.

Q: What does the Texas Student Housing Authority offer?

A: TSHA offers $2,500 per year housing scholarships at the locations listed below. The Texas Student Housing Authority owns student housing properties near the University of North Texas in Denton and A&M University in College Station. The properties owned are The Ridge at North Texas in Denton and the Cambridge Hall College Station. To view each property click on the Gallery page.  The Texas Higher Education Authority Act specifically permits Texas Student Housing Authority to offer lodging scholarships in the student housing facilities owned by the Corporation.

Q: How does the Texas Student Housing Authority perform its role?

A: The Texas Student Housing Authority is guided by a seven (7) member Board of Directors (Board) appointed by the Town of Westlake’s Town Council. The Texas Student Housing Authority Board, operating from an established charter and by-laws, administratively manages the corporation and establishes policy regarding scholarship criteria and selection of applicants. Initially, the Board received scholarship applications from graduating seniors enrolled in the Keller, Northwest and Carroll Independent School Districts. Currently the Board is receiving applications from all Texas school districts. These incremental scholarships are allowing a geographic and ethnic diversity not possible before. Through these Board actions three to four times the number of scholarships are being awarded to deserving and needy Texas high school graduates and upperclassmen already attending who want to further their education in Texas Universities. These applications are screened and evaluated according to established criteria and incremental one-year lodging scholarships are awarded to the successful applicants. These same scholarship recipients are eligible for subsequent years scholarship support if they maintain Texas Student Housing Authority established academic and leadership standards.